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Emelie Forsberg - Sky Runner
release march 8, 2018

Become the best version of yourself as a runner!
Whether you run 3 kilometres or 50, this book will change how you look at your running; it will give you a more profound motivation and a meaning in what you do. Sky running is about so much more than running in the mountains. It’s a whole lifestyle and an attitude to life, running and nature – it’s about the grandeur of both the infinite and the small and simple. It’s about effortlessness and play, about dedication. It’s about the journey often being more important than the destination in spite of everything, and that sometimes not taking the quickest route will give you far more. It’s about choices. Listening to yourself and building both your mental and physical requirements for sustainability in every sense of the word. Emelie Forsberg is a professional sky runner. In addition to having become a world champion in her sport, her love of running serves as a beacon that has inspired many others. In this book she generously shares her experiences, along with practical workout exercises and observations from her life as a runner at the highest level. 
“We were all built to run – all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other.” 

Kilian Jornet, one of the world’s most decorated sky runners, is the photographer behind the books spectacular images.

Author: Emelie Forsberg | Photography: Kilian Jornet | Graphic design: Kai Ristilä | Editor: Malin Bergman | Publisher: Charlotte Gawell | Translation from swedish into english version: Sara Orstadious with proofreading Miles Avison
The book is published in two editions: Swedish and English
184 pp, 170 x 240 mm

Vélochef in Europe

Vélochef in Europe, 80 local recipes 17 epic rides. By Henrik Orre.
Vélochef is on the road again, this time visiting four destinations equally famous for their cuisine as for their cycling culture; Mallorca, Girona, Nice and Lombardy. Travelling with photographer Patrik Engström and journalist Henrik Alpers he discovers the roads, the residents, the scenery and of course the food. Professional cyclists and cycling fans join them along the way making this book equally as inspiring for riding as for cooking. This is a book with epic travel stories, route descriptions, maps and and portraits of some of the biggest profiles in cycling; Geraint Thomas, Elena Cecchini and Christian Meier. And of course, lots of great food, with recipes built around local seasonal ingredients andwith a principle of simplicity and with the classic Vélochef twist. Vélochef in Europe is more than a cookbook, it’s a must have for everyone who loves food, cycling and the life that comes with it. Safe travels and happy cooking!

Author: Henrik Orre | co-Author: Henrik Alpers | Photography: Patrik Engström | Graphic design: Kai Ristilä | Illustrations: Richard Mitchelsson | Editor: Ann Pålsson Publisher: Charlotte Gawell | Proofreading: Per Erik Hasselqvist & Henrik Alpers | Translation: Stephanie Giesecke | Others contributors: Christian Meier, Elena Cecchini, Geraint Thomas & Tolos. 
The book is published in two editions: Swedish and English
288 pp, 190x 240 mm

Vélochef - Food for training and competition

Velochef - food for training and competition by Henrik Orre. The first real cookbook for cyclists.
Henrik Orre, head chef to the successful Team Sky’s cyclists presents 80 easy to make recipes before, during and after your cycling adventure or race. Fuel for the ride, that is both healthy and delicious, easy to cook and with that Vélochef twist. Velochef is the culmination of several years of cooking for the best cyclists in the world and filled with tested food for optimal performance and recovery. Shot on location contribution from the homes of three of the worlds leading cyclists, Richie Porte, Edvald Boasson Hagen and Emma Johansson where Henrik makes a meal together with them and talk about their view on food and training.
Velochef is a declaration of love to food and cycling! Eat good, healthy and professional and feel like a world champion!

Author: Henrik Orre | Photography: Patrik Engström | Graphic design: Kai Ristilä | Editor: Ann Pålsson | Publisher: Charlotte Gawell | Proof reading: Per Erik Hasselqvist | Translation: Stephanie Giesecke | Other contributors: Roberto Vacchi (foreword,SE) Nigel Mitchell (foreword, EN), Richie Porte, Edvald Boasson Hagen & Emma Johansson. 
The book is published in two editions: Swedish and English
250 pp, 190x 240 mm