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Gawell Förlag is an independent publishing company based in Stockholm, Sweden with an international field of work. Our vision is to be a creative platform and meeting point for imaginable and unimaginable projects and people, with focus on an outdoor, active, curious and sustainable lifestyle.

With the motto “fast feet, free spirits”, Gawell Förlag was founded 2015 by photographers Charlotte Gawell and Patrik Engström, - “after 25 intense years as freelance photographers we had a massive network of the most brilliant contributors in the business and we felt a desire to create our own playground”. 

The first book published on Gawell Förlag; Vélochef, Food for Training and Competition, by author Henrik Orre, became an international success and kickstarted the company into an amazing journey where the ambition to realize projects with heart, devotion, skill and good artistry is the priority.

We aim to produce high quality illustrated books. We believe in the tactile, sensual, and inspiring sensation a book made out of good craftsmanship and sheer dedication gives. We are striving on the challenge to widen our horizon for how we can build up a book project and give it a longer life by working with our authors on a broader and long-term concept.

With the feedback and response we get from readers all over the planet. The positive energy from working closely with fellow international publishers who choose to publish our books. And maybe most of all thanks to the awesome, brave and inspiring authors and contributors we are privileged to work with, our work continues with good confidence.

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