Henrik Orre

Vélochef in Europe, 80 local recipes 17 epic rides. By Henrik Orre. Vélochef is on the road again, this time visiting four destinations equally famous for their cuisine as for their cycling culture; Mallorca, Girona, Nice, and Lombardy. Traveling with photographer Patrik Engström and journalist Henrik Alpers he discovers the roads, the residents, the scenery and of course the food. Professional cyclists and cycling fans join them along the way making this book equally as inspiring for riding as for cooking. This is a book with epic travel stories, route descriptions, maps and portraits of some of the biggest profiles in cycling; Geraint Thomas, Elena Cecchini and Christian Meier. And of course, lots of great food, with recipes built around local seasonal ingredients and with a principle of simplicity and with the classic Vélochef twist.

Vélochef in Europe is more than a cookbook, it’s a must-have for everyone who loves food, cycling and the life that comes with it. Safe travels and happy cooking!


“A great book filled with interesting stories and incredibly delicious recipes to help you perform better than ever on the bike.”

The Service Course, Girona

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Author: Henrik Orre
co-Author: Henrik Alpers
Photography: Patrik Engström
Graphic design: Kai Ristilä
Illustrations: Richard Mitchelsson
Editor: Ann Pålsson
Publisher: Charlotte Gawell
Proofreading: Per Erik Hasselqvist & Henrik Alpers
Translation: Stephanie Giesecke
Others contributors: Christian Meier, Elena Cecchini, Geraint Thomas & Tolos

The book is published in two editions: Swedish and English.
288 pages, 190x 240 mm.