Henrik Orre

Cycling and food are a great fit, as chef Henrik Orre has shown in both of his cookbooks that focus on food for competition and training. This time he takes us on an outdoor cooking adventure by gravel bike in Norway, where we ride with him along gravel roads, down steep mountain faces and through deep valleys.

In 50 recipes grouped by "Bike" and "Basecamp", this book presents dishes composed for both camp stove and campfire - food that you can just as easily cook and eat during a quick break as when you set up a camp with more equipment and more accessories at hand. The recipes are wonderfully simple and are presented flexibly to suit different situations. tastes and moods. You can easily make them at home as well. Not only that, but the book presents a selection of 25 tips for a  successful cycling adventure, including tips on how to make that most vital of brews - coffee.

Thank you Christian Grahn, aka Chris Dangerous, drummer in The Hives for creating the awesome soundtrack to our project, Outside is free.


“Good food does not have to be difficult, and Outside is Free is all about combining simple ingredients in easy recipes, to create amazing flavors in an outdoor kitchen.”


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Author: Henrik Orre
Photography: Patrik Engström
Graphic design: Kai Ristilä
Editor: Ann Pålsson
Illustrations: Annelie Carlström
Publisher: Charlotte Gawell
Translation: Avison Communication

The book is published in two editions: Swedish and English.

The book comes in a design ziplock bag together with a spork.
(spoon & fork)

155 pages. 150 x 210 mm.